Ways to move forward in 2023

Resolve to be better: Advice and ideas to take into the New Year

The world is a terrible place, right? Avid followers of the mainstream media might think so as they are bombarded with negativity on an hourly basis.

However, there are reasons to be positive. The following two videos outline a few in quickfire fashion.


Exploring the Ballynoe Stone Circle

Ireland’s answer to Stonehenge?

A beautiful spot to visit if you’re in the area.

The original purpose for stone circles in unknown, but many archaeologists believe that they were used for multiple purposes, including burials, religious or ceremonial purposes, and community gatherings.

It has also been suggested that the stones were situated in relation to meaningful solar and lunar alignments.


Natural food picking in Ireland

Plenty of produce to be found, baking under the summer sun

From apple trees blossoming at the top of the orchard to blackberries growing in abundance across the thorny bushes. Tomatoes swelling inside abandoned cars on the field and mushrooms blooming on rotten logs of wood in garden. Potential sources of food are available everywhere.


Walking the beautiful coastline in Ireland

Life is short. Sometimes we need to take a breath and become aware of our surroundings.

From craggy rocks to secluded beaches, there is nothing more relaxing than a stroll down the coast. Salty sea and silky sands, taking a breath and remembering the simple things in life.


‘Reading will change your life’

“I’ve never read a book in my life!”

How often have you heard somebody say that? Wearing, like a badge of honour, the fact that they have not read a book since leaving school. In all honesty, it’s a pretty sad statement.

Literature has become an overlooked and even disparaged medium for consuming information. Without even considering the joys of delving into another world and vicariously enjoying adventures through the mind of a hero, heroine or villain. As this powerful talk outlines, books are amazing learning tools that forge intelligence in young minds and expand horizons.

Whenever you want to learning a new subject, what better way than picking up an expert’s thoughts and feelings, condensed into just a few hundred pages? As the entrepreneur Alan Donegan explains, if you read the top 3-5 books in any space you instantly jump the knowledge queue in that area.

On his popular Radical Personal Finance podcast, narrator Joshua Sheats reads an excerpt outlining the power of the written word. Followed by podcaster Aaron Franz’s take on books.