‘Reading will change your life’

“I’ve never read a book in my life!”

How often have you heard somebody say that? Wearing, like a badge of honour, the fact that they have not read a book since leaving school. In all honesty, it’s a pretty sad statement.

Literature has become an overlooked and even disparaged medium for consuming information. Without even considering the joys of delving into another world and vicariously enjoying adventures through the mind of a hero, heroine or villain. As this powerful talk outlines, books are amazing learning tools that forge intelligence in young minds and expand horizons.

Whenever you want to learning a new subject, what better way than picking up an expert’s thoughts and feelings, condensed into just a few hundred pages? As the entrepreneur Alan Donegan explains, if you read the top 3-5 books in any space you instantly jump the knowledge queue in that area.

On his popular Radical Personal Finance podcast, narrator Joshua Sheats reads an excerpt outlining the power of the written word. Followed by podcaster Aaron Franz’s take on books.

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