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Six benefits of homesteading

Hard work and a variety of skills are needed to thrive as a homesteader

Izabela H identifies some of the main features of homestead life

Recently Steve explained how he is ready to move into a new way of life. Below we will cover the basics you should know about homesteading. I mean, wouldn’t self-sufficiency be an amazing thing to implement in your life? 

What about preparing and preserving food on your own, with no preservatives?

We will explore these and more in just a moment.

eLearning Homesteading

eLearning: ‘Raising Chickens’

By Steve W

Back in the good old days I used to raise chickens, ducks and geese. There came a time when I was unable to keep them anymore and they went on to a better place (another farm; we didn’t eat them!).

To celebrate a glorious return to poultry life we have invested in a short eLearning course from Caballo Publishing on raising chickens.

Click on the link below to explore the mini course and let us know how you got on.

Keeping Chickens