Escaping to a life of purpose

Short snippets of encouragement for the avid Escaper

By Steve W

Look after your future self

Take actions that make your current self happy and that your future self would approve of. Taking care of your health through proper diet and exercise.

Put away money for the future and “retirement”. Look after your current and future self. The future version of yourself will thank you.

The usual staples of the American Dream will leave you feeling unfulfilled and hollow

Always work and live with a purpose. So many people today move through life without a purpose. They simply follow society’s examples and cede their morality, values and imagination to the control of others. You need to have a purpose.

“Grow and help others grow”. I don’t care how “woo woo” it sounds but your soul needs to be nourished. Your imagination needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Do something meaningful and worthwhile every day.

Is money the root of all evil?

The bible was right when it said that the love of money is not something to be aspired to. However, having access to funds and the ability to make money can (in this society) always help but you need to use it correctly.

Money is just a neutral tool that you use. It’s a means to an end. Use that money to enhance the product, the show, the podcast, get better tools or machinery if gardening is your thing. Use your money wisely and respect the flow of currency. Money is energy.

Remain passionate

Many people enjoy music as a form of enjoyment and expression. It can make you think about your purpose and whether you’re living the way you intended. Music can inspire, impact on your mood and help you to relax.

Exercise might be your thing, or personal growth or even earning money. If you don’t have a passion to pursue then you might as well be dead already.

Your purpose and passions may change over time. Look back decades across your life and do you even see the same person? Personal growth is important. If you stand still then you stagnate. Progress is a loaded word these days but you must always seek to improve.

Strive for variety, balance and enjoyment

As an Escaper you will aim to retire from your job but don’t retire from life. Once that meaning has gone, once you are no longer identifying in a role, you might no longer have a reason to live. So many people strive to retire and then sit at home, lonely and lost. don’t run from something, move towards something else.

Balance is key. When you throw yourself in to one thing then other things will suffer. Not eating right or getting enough sleep, exercise, stress management, relationships, financial aspects, leisure, fun, relaxation – it can all become too much! Don’t feel guilty about taking a rest or engaging in leisure time. Switch off and recharge.

Be purposeful but make sure all of your needs are met. You don’t have to do everything in one day but don’t go too long without ticking off those task boxes.

And finally…

Following the herd

Whenever I first heard the word influence in a book title, I saw it as manipulation. almost as if you were using devious, hypnotic methods to bend someone towards your will.

However, after reading Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, my perception changed. I switched my thinking from control and domination to influence and persuasion. Suddenly, it didn’t seem quite so seedy. For someone working in a supervisory or management position it was just common sense.

Social proof or social recommendations help take away the fear of the unknown. If Mary down the street has had her windows done by a double glazing company, and feels satisfied enough to place a placard on her front lawn telling everyone, then you’re more likely to trust that company.

If so many of my friends like something then there is a stronger chance I will too. Even if I’m on the fence. Better stick with the herd. Reviews often push us into a certain direction. 500 people who have all left five stars on Amazon can’t be wrong. It decreases uncertainty and increases social validation.

— END —

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